About Me

(Rev) Deborah Bishop – Rev. Deb

Energetic, Engaging and Interactive Performer, Speaker and Practitioner

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I am a Sacred Catalyst and advocate for all life. 

I offer a range of services that transcend the traditional but work in complete alignment with it, and also any faith, philosophy, training, coaching or therapy you may have, have had, or are currently engaged in.

I assist people, creatives & entrepreneurs in moving past their blocks, struggle addictions and fears to they can establish their own version of Utopia in their personal and professional lives. 

I also offer support by helping to hold them to a level of accountability that serves their lives and livelihood and also allows them to see their biggest desires realized in the world.

I do this through a methodology that is a blended technique of  eastern and western modalities, and philosophies, as well as kinesiology, dowsing,  and NPL, cognitive therapeutic practices, and through intuition and empathic guidance. I also bring to the table over 20 years of professional service in both the coaching and healing realms and with that the ability to deliver both instant and permanent breakthroughs that impact the past, and most notability the present and future for my clients.  

I am a Speaker, and I speak primarily on the topics of Self Worth, Leadership and How to Create Consciously the World We Want to Live in.  And am currently developing a group movement based on my new works, the 33 Laws of Entitlement – the secret to ending survival mode and entering the age of thriving.

I’ve merged my private practice with my career as a Performer, Actor, Writer and Artist, and as such have developed the moniker of an Inspirational Performance Artist and Positive Media Producer and Personality. Whenever possible, and appropriate, I bring original music, humor and storytelling to my Keynotes, making them Keynote Performances, and also highly memorable. 

I’m also very proud to bring to the table my One Woman Show “Entitled?” and my Podcast / Program, Enlighten UP where we attempt to explore what’s really going on!  

I believe peace is possible on this planet when enough people hold peace in their hearts, and it is my personal goal to assist over one million people to achieve their own Utopia, which will directly influence the possibility of Utopia on this planet. 

I love to create, I believe in humanity and I am a very proud mother of my fur babies, and my turtle! 

“Love is the answer, peace the result”

- (Rev) Deborah Bishop

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