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"I feel like I spent my life banging my head into a wall . . . Everything is better now no more wall!

Lana T. London, UK

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You will never outperform what you believe to be true about yourself. The life you live, the love you have, the money you earn, even your health are all influenced entirely by your belief systems. Your past experiences, based on your emotional reactions, have anchored into every cell of your body and literally prevent you from getting the things you crave, and this is why you can do everything right and still not see different results. The side effects of this are burn out, frustration, and settling for less than you deserve. 

Through Interactive, Engaging, and Energetic Performances, Speaking and Keynote Concerts, as well as Energetic Services, Bishop World under the auspices of (Rev) Deborah Bishop focuses on living a fully conscious life while specializing in Instant and Permanent Breakthroughs that literally change the direction of your future by releasing you from the patterns, habits and dysfunctions of your past insuring that you are reenergized, inspired and enjoying a prosperity on every level.

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