Performer & Speaker


"Deborah just reaches in there & moves stuff around . . . Her words changed me."

Nancy M. Nashville TN

Book a Complimentary "Instant Breakthrough"


Engaging audiences in a way speaking alone simply can't by adding original music, storytelling, and humor, Keynote Performances, captivate, entertain, educate and inspire. 

Deborah's award winning music combined with her memorable performance style gives her the ability to leap off of any stage and into the hearts and minds of all in attendance.

From custom created presentations to Deborah's critically acclaimed One Woman Show, entitled "Worthy" Keynote Performances can be tailor made to fit any of your scheduling needs. This is the perfect choice to open, or close a conference, virtual or special event, and it is the perfect way to create a an experience that will be remembered and talked about for many moons to come. 


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